Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Add our program schedule to your Google Calendar

Add our program schedule to your Google calendar!
Subscribe to our program schedule by searching Google public calendars for Children's Programs at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (Oakland). It's a public calendar to which you can subscribe, putting our schedule right in there with yours!

Clarence the Copy Cat

Pennsylvania illustrator John Manders created the library in this book by Patricia Lakin by visiting the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main. Come check out the book and the architecture at the same time!

Halloween Fun at the Library

We had a great Halloween party last night! The young storytellers from Winchester Thurston school told some spoooooky stories to a packed house. After the stories we had a parade and came back to pumpkin prizes.

Jokes and songs for Halloween Fun!

Here are a few good jokes to try on those trick or treaters coming to your door tonight:

What kind of a sandwich will a vampire never eat?
A STAKE sandwich!

What musical instrument does a skeleton play?
The trombone!

What do polite little ghosts never do?
Spook until they're spooken to!

What are the best kind of hot dogs this time of year?

Looking for a fun song? Charlotte Diamond has recorded a wonderful spooky song you can sing at home! If You're Scary and You Know It you can sing too!

You can ...
show your fangs
stir your brew
flap your wings
rattle your bones

What other spooky things you can think of?