Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Secret of the Mysterious Green Frog

This morning when we came in to the library we found Kermit relaxing at the reference desk and the Gecko looking for some breakfast on the study tables. (Ladies, I told you to clean up after your snacks! Now you're attracting reptiles!)

My super sleuthing skills, honed by years of reading Nancy Drew Mysteries, have led me to uncover the following details:

1) Kermit was NOT at the reference desk when the librarians left at 8pm last night.
2) Kermit was found by Gregory at 5:15am when he came in to turn on the lights.

So, sometime between 8pm last night and 5:15am this morning, Kermit climbed down from his spot to put his feet up for a spell. (Kermit, get your feet off of those TPS reports!)

People, I swear it wasn't me! Which leads me to ask....

Who done it????

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