Saturday, August 30, 2008

Local Author Many Ly

We're so proud of our local authors!

Pittsburgher Many Ly has a new book out.

Roots and Wings is the story of fourteen-year-old Grace. Grace has always longed to visit the Cambodian community in St. Petersburg, FL where her mother grew up. Now she is flying in an airplane with her grandmother's ashes in her lap. Grace and her mom are traveling from Pennsylvania to Florida so that they can give Grace's grandmother a proper Cambodian funeral.

This trip gives Grace the chance to get to know the people who meant so much to her mother and grandmother--friends who were so close they were more like family. But even as Grace is welcomed into the community, she learns some harsh truths about her own family history. Along with Grace, we grieve for her grandmother and feel hopeful for the possibility of renewing family ties. Loving descriptions of Camboidan food and ceremonies add to the appeal of this moving and meaningful book.

Click here to request a copy of Roots and Wings.

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Lori Keefer said...

Both of Many Ly's books offer the reader personal insights into the life of young Cambodian girls coming of age in America. These novels are definitely not just for young adults! Ms. Ly shows the reader the struggles that many immigrants face in a new land, adapting to a new culture and finding themselves. The stories are well written and engaging.