Friday, November 28, 2008

Local Author Sydelle Pearl

We're proud of our local authors.
Pittsbugher Sydelle Pearl wrote Books for the World, The Story of Jella Lepman.
After World War Two, the children of Germany were cold, and homeless, and starving, but they were also hungry for books.
Sydelle Pearl's book tells the true story of how Jella Lepman, a German Jew who escaped the Nazis, brought books to the children who needed them.
"If one is to believe in peaceful coexistence, the first messangers of that peace will be these children's books," Jella explains.
Books for Children of the World brings Jella's words--and her work--to life.
Click here for your copy of Books for Children of the World.
Clilck here to visit Sydelle Pearl's webiste.

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