Sunday, January 11, 2009

Best of 2008

Storypockets has a new home. Click here to find Storypockets' new home on Wordpress.

Storypockets' 2008 was a year of amazing artwork, beautiful books, and creative costumes.

We're taking a fond, nostalgic look back at 2008. Click here to join us on a walk down memory lane.

2008 brought some children's books superstars to the Children's Department via the Black, White and Read All Over program.

The Kinderprep program was so much fun in 2008!

We made handmade books and magnificent masks,

traveled all over the world,

and made up marvelous stories.

We remembered our neighbors,

and made some new friends.

We took in a show! (Several shows.)

Thanks for visiting us in person or online in 2008.

We're looking forward to your visits in 2009!

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